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(Video) Dr. Michael Apa, DDS

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Dr Apa – The Dentist (E01)

Dr Apa – The Dubai Connection (E02)

Dr Apa – Truly International (E03)

Dr Apa – The Dubai Clinic – Ft. Huda Kattan, AlReem Saif (E04)

Dr Apa – The Brand – Ft. Huda Kattan, Esquire Magazine, Natalia Shustova (E05)

Dr Apa – Apa Beauty – Ft. Deema Bayyaa (E06)

Dr Apa – Kattan Smile Makeover – Ft. Huda, Mona, Alya Kattan (E07)

Dr Michael Apa considers himself to be a “stylist” with extensive background in dentistry. He has transformed smiles of many A-list celebrities and models.

Whether working with internationally known names or not, Dr Apa finds it intensely rewarding to boost his patients self confidence by ridding them of insecurities about their smiles and ultimately improving their quality of life.

In the highly specialized field of aesthetic dentistry there are quite a few skillful dentists, but very few true artists. Dr. Apa, a partner in The Rosenthal-Apa Group, a private aesthetic dentistry practice in New York City, is one of the latter. Dr. Apa splits his time between New York and Dubai bringing his patients his unique procedures. Known throughout the world as the pioneers of non-invasive cosmetic dentistry, The Rosenthal-Apa Group uses customized porcelain veneers to rejuvenate the smile, creating a more youthful look. In the same tradition, Dr. Apa is pioneering a new approach to aesthetic dentistry called Facial Aesthetic Design (FAD) that creates perfectly natural smiles that fit the face and enhance the appearance. Through this FAD approach, Dr. Apa is effectively creating a blueprint for the future of aesthetic dentistry, raising standards and expectations of the best smile attainable.

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