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(PDF) Importance of Digital Dental Photography in the Practice of Dentistry

Dragan Mladenović1 , Lidija Mladenović2 , Sanja Mladenović1

1 Faculty of Medicine in Niš, Serbia

2 Clinic of Dentistry Niš, Serbia


Digital photography has today, quite sure, penetrated into all segments of life, providing new facts and perceptions in the field of science, medicine, industry, fashion design, communications and arts.

The aim of this paperwork was to, based of the observations from literature and clinical experience, inform and assist the physician-practitioner in having insight into the overall importance from the domain of digital dental photography and make in this way the everyday practice easier, more comprehensive and of better quality. Numerous statements in technical literature and reports in everyday practice point to its great significance in contemporary dentistry, both from the aspect of its role in documenting dental treatment, communication in the relation dentist-patient-dental technician, self-checking (control) of one’s own results, illustration of lectures and publications, and the aspect of conceptualizing efficient marketing and accomplishing electronic teledental system of connections. Digital photography has multilevel significance and represents the synonym of contemporary dentistry. It’s application in dental practice is simple, fast and utterly useful in documenting procedures of work, effectuating the education of patients and pursuing clinical investigations, thus securing many benefits to dentists and patients.

Key words: digital dental photography, digital documentation, teledentistry

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