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(PDF) Miniscrew Implant Anchorage for Intrusion Upper First Molar (Case Report)

Miniscrew Implant Anchorage for Intrusion Upper First Molar(case report)
Dewi Suminy*, Nurhayati Harahap**
 *Orthodontic Resident**Lecturer, Department of orthodonticFaculty of Dentistry University of North Sumatra
Difficulties of intrusion of upper first molar is well known. It because of this movement is hard to get with conventional orthodontic without ignore patient’s comfort. The new trend in orthodontic treatment, miniscrew implant anchorage is indicated to help this movement without worried about lossanchorage. In this case report, upper first molar left and right extruded 3 mm because missing the lower first and second molar. Miniscrew as anchorage was successfully intruded the extruded upper left andright first molar in 4 months.
 Key words
 : Intrusion, upper first molar, anchorage


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